Integrated UX Design Methodology: Agile-Lean-Triple Diamond

Integrated UX Design Methodology: Agile-Lean-Triple Diamond

Integrated UX Design Methodology: Agile-Lean-Triple Diamond

In my pursuit of creating user-centric designs, I embrace the synergy of the Agile-Lean-Triple Diamond approach. I start by deeply understanding and defining the user needs, anchoring my insights in the Discovery phase. As I transition into design, I emphasise rapid, iterative prototypes, always prioritising core functionality and user value to avoid wastage, a principle at the heart of Lean. Throughout development, my commitment to Agile ensures flexibility, regular feedback, and swift adaptations, all while remaining rooted in the structure of the Triple Diamond's three-phase progression. This integrated methodology doesn't just end post-launch; it thrives on continuous improvement, always evolving, always user-focused. By intertwining these principles, I craft experiences that are both efficient and deeply resonant with users.

The Triple-Threat Method

Triple Diamond

Divides design into three phases: Exploration: Ascertain and refine user needs and challenges. Creation: Brainstorm, model, and enhance solutions through iteration. Implementation: Apply the approved design, supported by continuous evaluation and modifications.


Skip rigidity and embrace flexibility with iterative, user-centered development cycles.


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1. Pre-Planning & Strategy Discovery Diamond (1st Diamond)

Research & Understand

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand the product vision and objectives.

  • Engage in user research to gain insight into user needs, behaviors, and pain points.

  • Map out the current user journey.


  • Analyse research findings and prioritise them.

  • Identify the key problem areas and areas of opportunity.

  • Define the project scope and initial user stories in alignment with Agile practices.

2. Iterative Design & Development Design Diamond (2nd Diamond)

Design & Prototype

  • Sketch initial ideas and wireframes based on the defined user stories and requirements.

  • Develop interactive prototypes for testing purposes.

  • Apply Lean principles to ensure minimal viable designs are created (focus on core functionalities).


  • Conduct usability testing with real users.

  • Gather feedback and iterate on the design based on results.

  • Prioritise feedback using Agile's backlog management and ensure changes align with Lean principles to avoid wastage.

  1. Development Diamond (3rd Diamond)

  • Work in sprints (1-3 weeks each) as per Agile methodologies.

  • In each sprint, design, develop, and test features based on prioritised user stories.

  • Ensure Lean principles are applied during development; avoid over engineering, focus on user value.

Review & Iterate

  • At the end of each sprint, conduct sprint reviews with stakeholders and gather feedback.

  • Conduct regular retrospectives with the team to continuously improve processes.

  • Iterate on product features based on user feedback and testing results.

4. Post-Launch & Continuous Improvement

Launch & Monitor

  • Release the product to a broader audience.

  • Monitor user behaviour and gather analytics data.

  • Ensure that any issues or bugs are quickly addressed in alignment with Agile's fast response approach.

Evaluate & Iterate

  • Regularly revisit user feedback and analytics to identify areas for improvement.

  • Prioritise and incorporate these into the product backlog.

  • Work them into upcoming sprints to ensure continuous improvement, reflecting both Agile's iterative nature and Lean's focus on delivering maximum user value.

Educate & Upskill

  • Stay updated with the latest design trends and tools.

  • Engage in workshops, training, and conferences to ensure the team is always utilizing the best practices in UX.


  • Hannah Hughes
    Associate Director, ESG & Sustainability Team Lead

    " You helped us a lot in this thorough process, bringing very helpful examples to explain your ideas to a non-specialised audience easily. You reassured and impressed the client at every stage.

    There aren’t many partners we would feel completely at ease letting them present, report to and manage our client. Still, we felt completely comfortable letting you speak to several key/senior stakeholders in the business to take them through your proposals/ideas. We really enjoyed working with you!
    Thank you again for everything! "

  • Ines Perez
    Marketing Director

    "I had the pleasure of working closely with Yasmin, and it was an absolute delight. She is not only highly committed to delivering top-quality work but is also a wonderful person to be around.

    Yasmin played a pivotal role, especially during the initiation phase of our project. Her expertise was instrumental in enhancing the user experience, both on the software and hardware fronts. I highly recommend Yasmin for her professionalism and her ability to make a positive impact on any project."

  • " Yasmin was super quick to respond to an urgent brief, providing an initial consult within days. The comprehensive tips she provided were invaluable with providing the client with a starting point for their UX journey."

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